Dental Implant Patient Testimonials

We have improved the oral health of many patients and here a few of them share their thoughts on the care and treatment they’ve received…


After experiencing trauma to my teeth I did not know who to turn to and was greatly worried about how to replace a tooth. I chose The Implant Surgery on recommendation from a dentist who has been treating me since childhood.

The team at The Implant Surgery were wonderful from start to finish. Having never had an implant before, I was anxious of the unknown. Simon and the team put me at ease from the moment I entered the practice, they treated me with warmth and respect, discussed my options and explained what I could expect throughout my journey. Their knowledge and expertise made me feel as though they themselves had been through the treatment personally!

I would describe The Implant Surgery as a place of hope. I have always looked after my teeth and following an unexpected accident, I was very worried and anxious about treatment. The Implant Surgery gave me my confidence back, they truly do wonderful things here.

To anyone considering dental implants – give it a go and place your trust in The Implant Surgery team. I was promised perfection and feel that the team here have given me that.

I am ecstatic with the results, it is as if it were my original tooth. I came here not knowing what to expect, they truly are exceptional people here. Simon has almost become a friend over the duration of my treatment, it will be strange not seeing him on a regular basis!


Over 25 years ago I read an article that described the benefits of dental implants and I thought to myself then, if I ever needed a tooth replaced, I would ask for an implant and it turned out that I had my first implant placed by Simon in 1993.

In those days the procedures were quite complicated. I needed a bone graft and it took about six months before the implant could have the crown placed on it. I have recently had another implant placed and the whole procedure was a lot easier.

The healing time was shorter and it was only a few weeks before my new crown was fitted. I have a great relationship with Simon as he understands the management of my mouth. He discusses the treatment I need and how best to proceed, giving me absolute confidence that he has my best interests at heart. As an added bonus I can spread the cost of treatment, as I can pay at each stage of the procedure.

I have always found Simon and his team to be caring and highly professional and I know the treatment I receive is of the highest standard.


My son first introduced me to Simon, as my regular dentist was retiring. Like most of us I thought my teeth were OK, but as time went by I started having a few issues and Simon has sorted them out. He explained that my bite had “lost the plot” and in order to get my teeth right it would mean having some additional work done to make sure my teeth would last in the longer term. So, over the past two years Simon has changed the way my bite works and taken out some of the teeth which were obviously not going to stand the test of time and I’ve had a number of implants placed.

Simon gave me a very detailed and clear treatment plan, including costs, so I had complete clarity before the work was started and knew what I was in for, both financially and in terms of timescale. The treatment I have had with Simon has made a real difference to my life.


I was referred to Simon by another practice, as I needed a single crown on an implant at the front of my mouth. I’m from Japan and usually I wouldn’t have treatment in the UK, I’d go back to Japan even for a check-up, but I felt very comfortable coming here and Simon is very kind.

The process from planning the treatment to the final restoration being fitted has taken a few months, but it has been worth it and I have not had to have unnecessary treatment on any of my other teeth. In the future, if I needed this kind of treatment again, it would be something I would consider. Although it’s taken time and investment, the outcome has been excellent. If I ever need a dental implant in the future I would certainly return to Simon.


I have been seeing Simon and his team for over two years and can always rely on them to provide an amazing service from start to finish. I have had 2 implants which also involved a sinus lift. This is a multi-stage process that required several appointments. They did not put a foot wrong throughout and I can honestly say that on many of the visits, the hour at the dentist was by far the least stressful part of my day!

As the owner of 2 brand new teeth which fit perfectly from day one, I am now able to eat whatever I want for the first time in many years! I would urge anyone who is considering an implant after losing a tooth to act quickly and visit Simon’s team as soon as possible for a consultation on the best available treatment for them. Investing in my dental health has been well worth it and I plan to attend regular visits to ensure this remains in check.